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Pressure Washing

Protect Your Home & Business With Our Professional Pressure Washing Service

Powerful pressure washing services in Corvallis, Oregon

Safe & Effective Power Washing

The sooner you eliminate moss, dirt, mold and other sources of filth and decay, the less expensive or difficult it will be to keep all your surfaces clean. Even the most diligent homeowners cannot contain all possible threats, which is why Referred Roof Cleaning & Exteriors is always available to power wash your house. From our headquarters in Salem, Oregon, we provide local families the service they need to keep their homes strong, hygienic and beautiful.


Roof Moss Removal Specialists

Moss can clog drains and create rot in your roof. Roof moss cleaning requires a delicate touch and the right equipment. Hiring a house roof cleaning service will make sure the job gets done correctly. However, if you decide to get on the roof of your home or on a ladder, please exercise extreme caution.

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Power washing is a powerful solution for home cleaning tasks.

Referred Roof Cleaning & Exteriors carries out all of these tasks, with a particular focus on:

Referred Roof Cleaning is a professional pressure washing and exterior cleaning company. We use modern, environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques (including Soft Wash*), and utilize professional power washing equipment, to provide you with exceptional service and value for the money.

Pressure Washing

This is what most people think of when the term “pressure washing” comes up, and in many case it is still the most effective cleaning technique. Our equipment uses water with pressures up to 3,500 psi to blast away even hard-to-remove grime and build up, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. This process is normally only used on hard surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks and patios, etc..

Soft Washing

A relatively new technique, Soft Washing utilizes commercial cleaning solvents and low pressure water washing to effectively clean surfaces without damaging the material underneath. This is now the preferred cleaning method for houses, roofs, fences and decks. We use a special spray gun to apply proprietary cleaning solutions to your house or roof — without pressure. The solution “works” on the algae, mildew and grime — then it is gently washed away, leaving you with surfaces that look like new

Use Pressure Washing with Hot Water

You don’t need hot water very often but when it is needed it is not optional. When cleaning an oil spill, you must use a good degreaser and hot water or the oil will not come up. Another time that hot water is needed is cleaning up gum off of floors or sidewalks. Those black spots on the sidewalks in front of entrances is dried, ground in chewing gum. And the only way to get it up is to melt it with hot water. Nothing else works.

Decks & Porches Cleaning

​Sunshine and rain is the biggest enemy taking a toll on the beauty and cleanliness of your deck, they tend to beat the appearance. Painted deck surfaces are horizontal as a result of which they absorb higher water content, which is a real threat to its longevity and sanitation.

Driveways Cleaning

Starting a day with a crystal-clear driveway is definitely a path to start the day. We make sure to offer a brand-new appearing driveway for your graceful entry and exit. You request and we respond to the fullest for delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

Patios Cleaning

A patio is a perfect place to set the area for the traditional get-together with friends and family. A clean patio is one of the most important places for any of your party plans and even the everyday morning breakfast you wish to enjoy. In such a case, a dirty patio can never stand its place.

Sidewalks Cleaning

Every guest is sure to walk through the sidewalks, before entering your property, which means your impression creation process starts from here itself. Concrete sidewalks and/or stone sidewalks are the initial path that leads your guests to the final commercial or residential building.

Siding & Gutters Cleaning

The major problem with cleaning these places is the location they are situated at. Getting contaminated, these places emerge as a difficult cleaning point due to their location. But, with our enhanced services and expert handling, we perfectly handle things with complete ease.

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