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Terpening Terrace

Location: Eugene, OR

Size: 1 building, 112 Units

Time Length: 5 days

Date: 07/08/13

Property: Retirement Center

Project: Pressure Washing (Vinyl Siding) & Pressure Washing (Sidewalks)

The Problem:

Maintenance is extremely important to the management team at Terpening Terrace. That is why they have the full exterior of the building washed every year. This year, the management team chose us because of our comprehensive maintenance program and fair pricing. For the people at Terpening Terrace, they were getting very tired of having to hire a new contractor every year. They wanted a company that they could trust to take care of them time and time again year after year. 

The other issue that Terpening Terrace had was the sheer difficulty of the project, not many contractors were willing to tackle the project. The building in some places was up to 5 stories tall. The only way of doing the project was using a man lift. Normally that isn’t an issue but tight corners, soft grass, and a packed parking lot made it nearly impossible to navigate around the building. 

There was one last issue that should be mentioned and that would be the walkways around the building. The sidewalks had not been cleaned in many years and were becoming slippery during the winter. The landscaping at Terpening Terrace was very well done and we had to avoid making a mess during the cleaning process at all costs. 


The Solution:

To solve the problems mentioned above, we rented a smaller sized man lift but gave the operator a pressure washer extension pole to make up for the lost height. The result was mobility and accessibility. Our plan worked flawlessly and we finished the project exactly when we expected to. 

To avoid creating a mess during the sidewalk cleaning we used a very specific piece of equipment called a “cyclone”. It is a pressure washing accessory that functions like a lawn mower. This accessory allowed us to clean the sidewalks faster than normal and without creating a mess.